temp   General Contracting
GreyStar Construction's general contracting division is a full service construction division specializing in residential homes and light commercial projects. >> more
temp   Concrete Construction
At GreyStar we harness the knowledge and experience to accurately install any concrete job designed on the market today. >> more
temp   ICF Construction
Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction has steadily become more prevalent over the last 40 years. >> more
temp   Excavation & Utilities
GreyStar's excavation division is a great add to the company's diverse line of work. >> more
temp   Concrete Repair
Although durable concrete is not indestructible and does not last forever especially without maintenance. >> more
temp   Coatings
Because of GreyStar Construction staff's extensive time in the industry working with all types of concrete coatings, we have the ability and knowledge to repair, recolor, and reseal coatings that were done by other contractors. >> more








































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