ICF Construction

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction has steadily become more prevalent over the last 40 years. The technology first used in the colder climates is now being seen for its overall benefits in any climate. Energy efficiency, Superior Strength and wind shear resistance, sound suppression, higher fire ratings, better indoor air quality, mold resistance, and reduced insurance rates are all benefits experienced when you choose ICF as your building envelop. If a consumer wants to discuss green building and sustainability they need to look no further. Insulated concrete form construction for residential and commercial construction is becoming known for what has always been, “simply a better way to build. The “Green” is most noticeably the green placed back in the pocket of the consumer. The operational expenses of a structure built with ICF’s is 50 – 75% lower than traditional means and in cases less expensive than more advanced means of construction up front. You can achieve zero-energy recession proof structures by implementing ICF’s into your design. Check out our links and reports below to educate yourself more about ICF and the advantages you can achieve.


Armed Forces
Reserve Center


Best Western
Pelican Bay Resort


Mountain Meadow

Serengeti Circle


Captiva Dr. Bayside


Waterside IV Condos


Megaplex Theater




123Galveston, Texas after Hurricane.
Only an ICF house was left standing.






































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