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GreyStar Construction's general contracting division is a full service construction division specializing in residential homes and light commercial projects. GreyStar, having "green building" as a mission statement for the last 15 years, is the customer's choice for building their next structure. GreyStar's primary choice of residential and commercial construction is Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) envelop. Although wood built structures are normal building techniques by the company, GreyStar feels the "GREEN" in "Green Building" is the money $$$ we place back in the customer's pocket (Link). A home or office structure is one of the largest investments a family or a business will make in their lifetime. The operating cost of a structure is the next largest expense incurred but happens monthly over time. If you could cut that expense in half, that would excite most people. This savings is the "GREEN" we are talking about. Most builders are not concerned with saving you money over the life of what they built, GreyStar IS!! ICF construction has and always will be the primary construction envelope choice for GreyStar. GreyStar has superior quality and craftsmanship at heart. Adding the goal of saving our customers money over the life of the structure makes us the definite choice for your next home or office.

Energy efficiency, superior strength, and superior sound suppression are just a few of many benefits ICF construction has to offer. Check out our links to educate yourself more.
Wood built and ICF homes make wonderful structures. Choosing a knowledgeable and professional company to build it on budget and schedule is why GreyStar Construction should be your next choice.

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