Concrete Repair

Concrete as we know is one of the most durable construction materials on the market today. Although durable it is not indestructible and does not last forever especially without maintenance. Prevalent causes of concrete compromise are weathering, UV and high heat exposure, heavy loading, seismic activity, chemical corrosion and exposure. Not only is the concrete affected the reinforcing can also be affected and leave you with undesirable surfaces in the years to come.

GreyStar, for the last 15 years, has offered high quality concrete repair to its customers. We have successfully repaired damaged concrete with our selection or repair materials, experienced installers, and proper equipment. Before you decide you may need to remove and replace that concrete "REFACE IT, DON'T REPLACE IT". Patios, column, bridge decks, and parking garages all can be restored back to a usable surface at a fraction of the cost!










































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