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Because of GreyStar Construction staff’s extensive time in the industry working with all types of concrete coatings, we have the ability and knowledge to repair, recolor, and reseal coatings that were done by other contractors. Call us for a free estimate to see if we can bring your coating back to life!
Decorative Overlays

We strive to produce the most realistic looking stone coating on the market and we feel over the last 15 years that our stamped overlays have proven to be the best. Our goal is to help design and build the coating of your dreams. With our stamped overlays you have the option of granite, slate, or flagstone textures with unlimited pattern options and endless color selections.
Epoxy Coatings

We offer solid color epoxy or epoxy chip systems in medium or full broadcast. Our broadcast systems have the appearance of granite and are composed of multi-colored vinyl chips embedded in a pigmented epoxy base coat. We take pride in using only the best industrial grade materials available.

Prior to any epoxy system being applied, we take great time in prepping the surface to achieve the proper concrete profile so the epoxy will adhere. There are many different means of preparation and this varies from project to project (i.e., etching, grinding, removal of existing coating, crack treatment, etc.). The preparation for your project will be thoroughly covered at the time of your free estimate.

We have many color options and because we have the ability to custom blend colors and chips, we can design the exact color for your individual décor. Our epoxy coatings are formulated to hold up to the harshest conditions, which ensures your floor will not only look beautiful, but also withstand the test of time

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